These walls are inhabited by women who are gone and also by their sons and daughters, by words that today break their silence ... a silence that for centuries has been only women’s heritage. Today the words of these women are spoken through the voices of people who loved them. Listen out.


Marta's mother was brutally murdered, shot in the head while sleeping, by her husband and Marta's father.
Marta witnessed that moment.


Pedro and Luis

Pedro’s father provoked an explosion and a fire at his family’s home to kill his mother, and committed suicide at the same time.
To be able to commit this crime, he sent 8-year-old Pedro to his grandmother’s house.


Carlos, Juan and Celia

Alicia was killed in front of her three children (a four- and two-years old and a nine-months baby). Her partner and father of her children stabbed her more than twenty times causing her death.
He was sentenced to 15 years for homicide and has already completed 10. He actually now enjoys an open regime.


Diego and Manuel

Two years ago Alba was murdered by her partner on the landing of the stairs, in front of diego and manuel.
Alba received 13 stab-wounds with a 35cm-length knife



This walls will be exhibited in
the City of Justice of Valencia
from 19th until 27th november 2019.

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70% of murdered women killed by gender violence were mothers.
We couldn't protect them, but we can show our support to ensure that gender violence consequences don't truncate their children's


Fundación Mujeres are a feminist organization, devoted to social intervention for equality and the prevention and eradication of gender violence since 1994, whose mission is to contribute to the social and political change necessary to ensure that equality between women and men is real and effective in all areas of life and, in this way, improve the social situation, the quality of life and the full rights of women. Since 2016, we are responsible for the management of the Prosecutor’s Soledad Cazorla Prieto Scholarship Fund, promoted by her family.

In February 2016, Soledad Cazorla’s Prieto family, in collaboration with Fundación Mujeres, presented an initiative to financially support and accompany the families that assumed responsibility for the upbringing of the children of women murdered by gender violence.

We wanted not only to recognize and give continuity to the work and concern that Soledad Cazorla Prieto’s developed from the Specialized Prosecutor's Office on Violence against Women during the time she was in charge of it, but also to bring light to the reality of the forgotten victims and their little-known.